Columbia County Demographics


Data Summary
Land area: 636 sq. mi.
County seat: City of Hudson
Columbia County Population: 63,490
Columbia County Labor Force: 33,377
Average Household Income: $ 55,546
Class of workers: Private wage or salary 69%, Government 19%, Self-employed not incorporated 11%
Cost of Living Index: 92.1 (less than average, U.S. average is 100)
Occupational Employment Statistics
Columbia County QuickFacts from the US Census Bureau
Avaliable Workers

Mileage to Major Cities
Albany, NY   25 miles
Baltimore, MD 290 miles
Bennington, VT   60 miles
Boston, MA 140 miles
Buffalo, NY 300 miles
Hartford, CT   70 miles
Montreal, QC 240 miles
New York, NY 120 miles
Philadelphia, PA 200 miles
Washington, DC 320 miles

County and State Sales Tax
Columbia County                   4.00%
New York State                      4.00%

Local real property tax: Local taxes to the County, municipality, school district, and certain other special taxing jurisdictions are paid by property owners annually. There is no tax on personal property, such as automobiles. See current Local Property Tax Rates 

Sales tax: State and local sales taxes of 8.00% are paid on most purchases (food, prescription and non-prescription drugs and clothing under $110.00 are exempt). Production equipment for manufacturers is exempt.