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Expanding broadband access in Columbia County is one of CEDC’s top priorities. As Columbia County’s designated broadband coordinator, CEDC is pleased to provide the following maps showing recent investment and service expansions.

Maps and Descriptions:

The NYS Broadband Program awards funding to broadband service providers to assist them in providing Last-Mile services to Unserved and Underserved areas of the State. In order to facilitate this process, the Broadband Program Office (BPO) identified U.S. Census Blocks that have inadequate broadband service, and instituted a three-phase award program. The Columbia County Broadband Committee and the Columbia County Economic Development Corporation have commissioned a series of maps to help visualize the state of this program in Columbia County, and to track it’s progress over time.

This map shows the Broadband Program status of each census block in Columbia County at a given point in time. It shows census blocks that were eligible for BPO funding, census blocks that have received an award for one of the three phases, and areas that are mandated to receive improved service due to a previous agreement with the Public Service Commission. This map is constantly being revised as new information becomes available from the BPO. This version was updated on February 28, 2018.

The volume of information included on the Broadband Program Status map makes it difficult to read and decipher. The following map contains a subset of the same information on the previous map showing only those areas of the county that have either received an award from BPO or are a part of the PSC agreement that requires the service provider to improve service. The combined area of the three BPO phases and the PSC agreement covers 58% of the total area of the county.

The following map shows the census blocks in which each internet service provider claims to be able to provide service to at least one customer. It does not mean the provider serves every location in that census block, only that they do or can provide service to at least one customer in the block.

The following map is an overlay of the information shown in the BPO Awards/PSC Agreement map and the Internet Provider Service areas map. It shows the primary land-line service providers that claim to be able to provide service to those areas that have not as yet received any BPO or PSC incentives to provide enhanced service.


Regarding the Phase 3 maps: The Columbia County Broadband Committee is using these maps as guide to help track the awards granted through the NY Broadband Program (BPO), and the extension of broadband internet access by broadband service providers throughout the county. As such, these maps will change over time and all should be considered as DRAFT. Particularly, the phase 3 awards from the BPO are still being negotiated with the service providers. The awarded census blocks shown on the latest maps will likely change. We will update all of these maps as new information is received.

Regarding the Service Provider Area maps: Broadband service providers are required to report to the FCC twice a year the technology and bandwidth they provide or can provide to at least one location in a census block. The service provider may not necessarily offer that service everywhere in the block. Accordingly, multiple providers reporting service in a single census block does not necessarily reflect the number of choices available to any particular location in that block, and the number of such providers in the census block should not be viewed as a measure competition. These maps use the latest data posted on the FCC website, which is dated Dec. 2016.

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